Pigtail in Lung Abscess

Pigtail in Lung Abscess

21 Sep, 2018

A case of a 19 yrs old girl from Afganistan...

A very charming girl presented to me with high grade fever for 1 month, copious expectoration around 500 ml daily with a sinus in her neck discharging large amount of foul smelling discharge... she gave history of incision and drainage in Kabul in her neck 15 days back.

A clinical diagnosis of ? Thyroglossal cyst - infected was made. X-ray chest done showed a large lug abscess. Mri neck was normal. Patient was admitted and started on antibiotics... pus culture was sterile and AFB was not seen.

Patient showed improvement and amount of pus decreased but high grade fever continued.

Ct chest repeated and a pigtail was inserted in the lung abscess and daily drainage was done from the abscess.

Patient improved... no fever and no discharge and went happily back to her country.

I thank god that I could help her in regaining health.

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