An amazingly warm and humane doctor who listens to the patient with great patience,has a heart full of empathy. The way she talks and counsel her patient makes the patient feel absolutely comfortable. Dr.Pratibha, I am glad we met you.

Juhi Grover

Dr Pratibha we are blessed that Dr like u are descended on the earth .she took good care of my friend in second Covid wave. She is humane and very professional. Her treatment is flawless. she rose up to expectation of a Doctor. She is respected not only in general public but also in medical fraternity. Her clinical acumen is beyond doubt. she is the perfect combination of characters like integrity, honesty , hardworking and compassion. THANK YOU Dr Pratibha Maam that we got u.

Dr Manish Gupta

I had to consult dr pratibha gogia during covid pandemic...she has been a saviour for me. I had got severe symptoms...but due to her hard work, self less dedication I got stable after 20 days of treatment...she has been very knowledgeable n tries to go to the root of the disease..she tries to givethe minimal medicines...such doctors are very difficult to be found these days...God bless her always..

Sarla Gupta

Very good doctor. Solved all my queries. I recommend her to everyone who are in search of an pulmonologist.

Mr. Abhi Kumar

I must say that best doctor with great knowledge. Had very good experience and got best treatment. Excellent pulmonology clinic in delhi.

Mr. Asif Ahmed

Doctor is very patient in terms of listening to all of your grievances and rectifying them.

Mr. Adarsh Umang Raj

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